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voted a "Best Of Weddings" winner by The Knot Magazine for 2010
"One of the best DJs in Colorado!"



Thank you for considering me to be the master of ceremonies and musical entertainment for your special celebration.  Please visit awhile and allow me to demonstrate how I am your best choice for mobile DJ services in Colorado.  I guarantee your complete satisfaction - the only DJ who will.

Reliable Affordable Unforgettable


The Right Person


As your personal disc jockey and emcee I will:

  • Be A Gracious Guest - A DJ is more than someone you merely hire to play the music. He is an invited guest.  His performance will largely determine the success of your event.  This is why it is so important to interview and get to know the person you will be inviting.  Get a feel for his personality and style.  Select someone that you trust. Make sure that you and your disc jockey are a good match before you sign a contract.

  • Set The Mood - The easiest way to make your guests feel welcome is to greet them with music.  Share the excitement of your day.  Select a disc jockey that will project a professional image and knows how to play just the right music.  What your guests see and hear when they arrive sets the tone for what's to follow.

  • Go With The Flow - Timing is everything.  It affects your guests in many ways.  A good disc jockey knows when to stick to the schedule and when to adjust for circumstances.  It's important that everything flows smoothly.  Timely announcements and events create interest, build excitement, and prepare you for the fun ahead.

  • Get Things Hopping - When it's time to party you'll want a disc jockey that will pick the perfect songs to get people up and dancing.  You'll want someone with years of experience who knows how to read the crowd.  He'll play familiar, danceable music. People will stay longer.  You'll leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

I look forward to being invited to your celebration.





Music is one of the most important parts of your event.

Why take chances?  Make sure you select a disc jockey service that:

  • Offers a full money back guarantee
  • Charges reasonable rates.  Never a hidden fee
  • Works well with other vendors.  Coordinates events
  • Wears a dignified tuxedo.  Makes professional announcements
  • Names your personal disc jockey in your contract
  • Provides two full sets of equipment and a backup disc jockey
  • Arrives early to set up and sound check all equipment
  • Leaves all advertising signs and banners at the office
  • Brings over 15,000 songs.  Takes requests from the guests
  • Plays music for the ceremony
  • Includes in the price:  free metro Denver travel, free set up and tear down,
  • free accent lighting, and free use of a cordless mike for your toasts






  • Who will be my Disc Jockey?   May I meet him before signing with you?
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance -I will be your DJ and am personally named in your contract.  I will meet with you before you sign or leave a deposit.  I guarantee you'll feel confident that my disc jockey services will meet all of your needs and will exceed your highest expectations.
    Most disc jockey companies wait until right before your event to assign your DJ.  You get to meet your wedding disc jockey when they show up at your reception.  You're gambling that whom they send will fit your needs for musical entertainment.  Why gamble with something so important?

  • Will my Disc Jockey have experience?  References?  Do a good Job?
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance – I own my own equipment and have over twenty years of professional Denver wedding entertainment experience.  References are available for all of my mobile DJ services.  You're guaranteed a mature, dignified, and entertaining Denver wedding music performance.
    Most mobile disc joockey companies buy a lot of equipment and then hire people to be disc jockeys.  Since your wedding disc jockey is named much later, the company is unable to give you references for your person ahead of time.  You may get one with experience or you may get a teenage trainee.  Either way, you take a big chance on your special day.  A very unnecessary risk when hiring DJ services and selecting your Colorado wedding music provider.

  • What kind of equipment do you use?  How loud will the music be?
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance - I use only professional grade stereo equipment that is both strong and reliable and produces "living room quality" sound.  My speaker systems include four individual "full range" cabinets that are adjusted to the room for optimum sound quality and customer comfort.  This requires a lot less power and volume for cocktails and dinner.  Lower volume means cleaner sound, more relaxed conversations, and much happier guests.  Four cabinets then give you a real "club effect" for open dancing.  You deserve the best in Colorado wedding entertainment.  It's my gift to you.
    Most disc jockey companies use industrial strength PA (public address) equipment that will withstand rough treatment and be heard for miles.  They bring two big speakers, powerful amps, and use greater volume to fill the whole room with overpowering sound.  This creates big problems for table conversations and people with sensitive hearing.  Your wedding deserves finer quality disc jockey services and equipment.

  • Why should I choose your mobile DJ services?
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance - I am a full-service, professional Denver wedding music resource.  I take pride in providing high quality musical entertainment and disc jockey services that meet and exceed your personal needs and are tailored to suit your special occasion.  I appreciate you considering The DJ - Get Up and Dance and look forward to working with you to make your special event a truly memorable occasion.




  1. If they say:  "I charge up to $1200 for four hours"
    100% of The DJ - Get Up and Dance's business is from the referrals of former clients, their guests, other vendors, and venues.  Others have to pay for expensive magazine and yellow pages advertizing.  I pass that saving on to you.

  2. If they say:  "I name your disc jockey a week before your wedding"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance himself is named in your contract from the start

  3. If they say:  "This is my first wedding"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance has over 20 years experience as a disc jockey

  4. If they say:  "This is just my part-time job on weekends"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance is a full-time, professional, mobile disc jockey

  5. If they say:  "I like to sing, dance, and tell jokes"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance is a dignified emcee and classy entertainer

  6. If they say:  "I'm going to be a few hours late"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance always arrives well before you and your guests

  7. If they say:  "Requests? I only bring 200 songs"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance let's you select from over 15,000 titles

  8. If they say:  "My amp blew up - we'll just have to sing"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance always brings a complete backup set of equipment

  9. If they say:  "I guess I just forgot your event yesterday"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance always remembers his clients and their special days

  10. If they say:  "You want your money back? Good luck with that"
    The DJ - Get Up and Dance is the only disc jockey service to fully guarantee your complete satisfaction!


The DJ - Get Up and Dance






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