Shopping For Quality Entertainment?  I specialize in supplying exciting, professional music services appropriate for your special occasion.  I will provide more quality fun and entertainment for substantially less money than you would spend with most other music companies.


The Right Person

Thank you for considering The DJ – Get Up and Dance for your special day.  This is my only business and is based entirely on referrals from vendors, venues, past clients and their guests.  This means that 100% of my business these past two decades has come from satisfied customers and a reputation for quality service in the industry.  Quality and experience really do matter.

The Focus Is On You

Your wedding is my most important event of the day.  I only do one function at a time.  Compare that to larger disc jockey companies where you are just one of a dozen or so events they do on any given day.  Your wedding gets my complete attention.  I guarantee I’ll arrive early, bring everything I need, and be ready ahead of schedule.

A Classy Good Time

The first thing is to decide whether you want a wedding that could be featured in an issue of In Style magazine or one that could headline a “Wild Weddings” video bloopers program.  The person you invite to be your master of ceremonies makes all the difference between having an elegant and fun Supper Club atmosphere or a “Wedding Singer” style Las Vegas lounge experience.  What happens in Vegas should only happen in Vegas.

Party With Style

The tone and overall success of your celebration largely depend on how well the person you invite to be your disc jockey does his job.  Is he stylish and unobtrusive?
Does he work well with other vendors?  Does he coordinate the flow of events?  Does he instill confidence in you that he knows how to manage all aspects of your special day?  Does he:

  • Greet Your Guests With Music – Happy, upbeat music and a neatly tuxedoed disc jockey make your guests feel welcome.  It lets them know that you’re happy to have them celebrating with you.  It puts them in the mood to party.

  • Announce Your Arrival – A dignified yet energetic introduction announces that you’ve come to join your family and friends in the celebration.  It’s the signal for the party to begin.  I personally pick music for the introduction that reflects the mood you want to create.

  • Play Music for Cocktails And Dining – People come to socialize.  They want to meet new relatives and catch up with old ones.  They want to have easy conversations over drinks and while dining.  I recommend playing mostly instrumental music during these times.  It creates a nice atmosphere and makes it easier for people to get to know each other better.

  • Coordinate The Toasts – Once the meal is complete and the caterer has poured the champagne, I gather everyone’s attention and introduce the toasting.  I provide a cordless microphone, free of charge, so everyone can have a chance to offer you his or her best wishes.

  • Announce The Cake Cutting - It’s important to keep everyone’s attention for as long as possible.  I suggest moving right from the toasting to the cake cutting.  This maintains interest and keeps up the flow of the festivities.


The DJ - Get Up and Dance






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