The "I Do's"

You’ve been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl.  Your fantasy is finally about to come true.  Picture yourself walking down the aisle in the perfect dress.  Everyone’s eyes are on you.  Your family and friends are tingling with excitement over your happiness.  Your dreams have always been perfect.  Real life can be, too.

The Right Person

This is where things really need to be perfect.  Select the person you trust the most.  Select someone with the experience necessary to capture the spirit of the moment.  Select a disc jockey that you know will get everything right.  Your dream day depends on it.

A Flawless Ceremony

  • Your wedding is a once-in-a lifetime dream come true.  Music helps make the dream come alive.  It gives it feeling.  It creates the mood.  Music emotionally communicates what this day means to you.  It connects you to your guests.  Choose the music carefully.  More importantly, choose your disc jockey wisely.

  • As your disc jockey, I will write the perfect musical score for your dream.  It will be perfectly timed and executed.  I guarantee a flawless ceremony for your perfect day.

The Dream Sequence

I will suggest styles and help you pick songs for your dream score.  It may contain songs for any of the following:

  • Seating of the guests
  • Seating of the mothers
  • Entrance of the attendants
  • Processional
  • Readings
  • Lighting of the Unity Candle
  • Recessional

Making It Happen

I am able to provide all the equipment needed to make your dream a reality in any location - with or without electricity.  I’ve recently acquired the latest in portable amplifiers and wireless technology.  I can support your perfect ceremony in a splendid natural setting with quality audio equipment that operates entirely on batteries.

  • Prerecorded music
  • Lapel microphone for the officiant
  • Handheld microphones for readers and vocalists
  • Sound support for instrumental accompanists
  • Separate sets of equipment for each location
  • Continuous music throughout the dream


The DJ - Get Up and Dance






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