Let's Party!

Your wedding deserves the right mix of elegance and fun.  Having a fantastic dance party depends on how well your events build energy from the very beginning.  I use the music I play earlier to set the mood and tone for the whole party.  A smooth flow of events and fun, danceable music throughout your celebration heightens anticipation.  Your guests know they're going to get to dance and have a really great time from the start.  The music has told them so.

Fun For Everyone

People come to your wedding with the expectation of having fun.  They come to party.  It's up to your disc jockey to create the perfect environment for them to enjoy themselves.

  • Control The Volume - The idea is to have people stay till the end.  I set the optimum volume level for dancing and socializing.  I focus the four speakers on the dance floor for a rich, full sound and a true "club effect."  Full sound is better than just being loud.  It's powerful enough for dancing, but still allows for table conversations.  Everyone is comfortable and is encouraged to stay longer.

  • Mix Slow With Fast - A party must ebb and flow.  People will burn out if they don't get a break every so often.  A couple of slow songs thrown in between faster sets are a nice transition between different styles.  They, also, provide a romantic interlude and allow less accomplished and more inhibited guests an opportunity to participate in the fun.

  • Play Old And New - You want everyone to feel included in your celebration.  I strongly recommend playing at least a few songs for each generation.  The older folks will stay longer and boogie with you to the newer music if they get to dance to a couple of songs they know.  Frank Sinatra and swing music is popular with all generations and will get everyone up and dancing right away.

You Pick The Styles

It's your party.  I believe that you should have a big say in what gets played.  I want to know the songs that are important to you and that must be played at your reception.  I want you to select the styles and artists that best fit your crowd.  Also, make sure to identify the ones that you want me to leave at the office (think Macarena, etc.).  I encourage your guests to make requests.  If they request a song they will usually dance to it and bring others with them.

I Read The Crowd

This is why you hire a professional disc jockey.  Anyone can play music, but it takes a skilled and experienced musical entertainer to be able to select just the right music for where your guests are at any particular time.  People will dance to songs they are familiar with and that have a great beat.  Knowing when to move from one style to another is a big part of keeping all of your guests involved.

They Leave Smiling

Your guests will leave snapping their fingers.  They'll be whistling catchy tunes.  They'll be humming favorite melodies.  They'll smile all the way home.  They'll remember your wedding for all the right reasons.  We did a great job.  Thank you for inviting me.  I had a really good time, too!


The DJ - Get Up and Dance






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