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I have come to know and trust each of these fine folks and am confident that you will like them, too.  Please mention my name when you call.

Emily Post: Etiquette

“There’s no real need for a DJ to speak at a reception, beyond making the introductions and other basic announcements.  A constant stream of amplified patter or joking from the stage can be annoying and sometimes distasteful.  If you want the DJ to act as master of ceremonies, be clear about the behavior and language you expect.”

“You and your vendors should feel comfortable working together. Few couples have the time or energy to cope with a prima donna at their wedding, so if you interview someone who seems very demanding, be aware that he or she may be difficult to work with.  Professional vendors – whether they are disc jockeys or photographers – know to be unobtrusive.”

Martha Stewart Weddings

“The entertainment you choose for your wedding or party is responsible for 80% of the event’s success and the memories you will keep for the rest of your life.”

Troubleshooter Network

“Pick good people who have a track record of excellent customer service, high business standards, a strict code of ethics, and an arbitration arrangement for settling disputes.”

- Tom Martino, The Troubleshooter

Better Business Bureau

“Choose your vendors carefully because, in many ways, they can make or break your event. Remember buyers, beware!”

- Patrick Snid, Denver President  

Missing Links

I’d like to heartily recommend friends of mine who, like me, will offer you the best in value, quality, and customer care.  My job becomes easier and even more enjoyable when there is open communication and cooperation among vendors.  You‘ll receive the best service possible from all involved.  Helping you find other honest and reliable professionals is my way of thanking you for inviting me to your celebration.


The following “really nice people” will be happy to:


Give You Something Different

Photo of a Photo Guestbook


Plan Your Day

photo of wrapped gift


Host You and Yours


Dress You Up

photo of dressud up bride and groom


Put The Bloom On Your Rose

photo of flower arrangement

Minister To You

photo of minister's hands and  Bible


Cater To Your Wishes

photo of Caterer and Bride


Lift Your Spirits

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

photo of Wedding Cake and flowers


Capture Your Special Moments

photo of Bride with two little girls in white dresses


Drive You Off Into The Sunset

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Meet Your Special Needs

Meet Your Special Needs


Colorado Wedding Specialists



The DJ - Get Up and Dance





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