“You did a fantastic job! You played the best music and had our guests dancing all night long.  We’ve been to a lot of weddings and you are by far the best disc jockey around!  We'll make sure to recommend you to anyone we know in need of a fantastic disc jockey.”

Steve and Julie


“Thanks for a spectacular experience and for the wonderful presentation.  Your professionalism, delivery, and timing were impeccable.  Thank you for restoring our belief that good disc jockeys do exist as you most certainly exceeded our expectations!”

John and Tammy


“Everyone had a terrific time on the dance floor – even the ones who ‘don’t dance’ were out there having fun! Thank you for playing a major role in creating an atmosphere of fun, love, family, friendship and togetherness through music!”

David and Jessica


“You did a great job! We had so many compliments on your music selections.  We think we would have died without you keeping people dancing and entertained until dinner finally arrived! Thanks a million!”

Dave and Kathleen


“We loved that you played the kind of music that people wanted to dance to.  It could not have been more perfect.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Trenton and Evelyn


“The evening went by so smoothly and our guests had such a great time!  You’re such a great person to work with.  We couldn’t have imagined a better outcome.  Thanks, again, for everything!”

Alex and Shanti


“What can we say?  It was wonderful and you were terrific!  Thank you for your professionalism, patience, and great music sense and style.”

John and Chris


“We love you!  You’re such an awesome person.  Our wedding day was Perfect!”

Morgan and Janelle


“Thank you for helping us with all our surprises!  You worked with us so well and gave us everything we wanted.”

 Michael and Carrie


“Everyone remarked that we had a Super Disc Jockey!  I never saw the dance floor less than packed (which was what we wanted)!  Thank you for a wonderful evening.”

 Dan and Mary


“Your willingness to work with us, your patience, your GREAT selection of music, your professionalism – WOW! You made our wedding event the MOST FUN (by many people’s reports).” 

James and Dorie


“You made our wedding reception such a terrific party!  We couldn’t believe how many people danced and for so long – you did a great job!

 Lawrence and Rachel


“Thank you for making our special day even more special!  Everyone loved you and thought you were great!!  Thank you for staying late – we wish we could have had you stay all night! 

Dave and Julie


“What a wonderful time! Thanks for the wonderful parent dance suggestion . . . my dad was in tears.  You did such a fabulous job of getting everyone out there . . . and we had so much fun! 

Brent and Kelly


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding the best day of our lives!  You played music that was classy, fun, and festive.  You kept the party going all night! Everyone had a blast!” 

Josh and Mary


“You did such an awesome job – we talk about it all the time! The party kept rollin’ all night and you did an awesome job reading the crowd and keeping them on the dance floor.  Going to other weddings has made us appreciate you even more.  You ROCK!” 

Geoff and Heather


“Thank you for a wonderful night of music and professional announcing.  You came through with the mix of elegance and rowdy dancing we were looking for.” 

Beau and Lisa


“We were so relieved and grateful that you kept things running smoothly the entire night.  Thank you for always being available, for keeping the lines of communication open, and for your great skills!!  You kept us sane and everything organized – you were fantastic!!” 

Adrian and Nicole


“The entire evening went smoothly and you were very classy and unobtrusive.  It was great when everyone was dancing – the evening just went entirely too quick!”  

Doug and Kylie


“You were able to pull off an amazing mix of music with very little instruction.  I know it’s hard to get shy people to dance in the middle of the day . . . but you had them out there! Everyone has complimented us on the dinner music selection as well!!”  

Brandon and Kelly


“The music was exactly what we wanted.  The guests raved about how much fun they had dancing the night away.  It was perfect and we couldn’t be happier.”  

David and Donna


“We had a wonderful time and so did all of our guests!  You had the dance floor packed all night and that is exactly what we wanted.  Thank you very much for doing such a great job!” 

Dehan and Seana


“Everything was perfect!  You fit in so well that we never worried about a thing.  It was such a nice feeling to know that everything was taken care of and we didn’t have to be responsible.  You did a great job!  Thank you so VERY much!”  

Gene and Christi


“Thank you so much for being our disc jockey.  Everything went as planned.  You did a great job getting people to dance and have fun.  We will always remember it!”  

Chris and Kari


“Thank you so much for doing such a great job.  Everyone got up and danced and said the music was great.  And thank you for being so flexible when we decided to have you play the ceremony music.  It truly was a beautiful night!” 

Ross and Julie


“Thank you so much for the fabulous music.  Everyone had such a fabulous time!  You’re a wonderful disc jockey – able to read the crowd and play what they like.  You made our wedding wonderful and memorable.”  

James and Sarah


“You did such a great job!  You handled the wide variety of requests patiently and excellently!  We also loved the video you made for us.  People are still talking about it.  It was the hit of the reception!” 

Gus and Kathey


“Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job!  We didn’t leave the dance floor once!  Everyone has raved about what a great time they had.”  

Jay and Kimberly



The DJ - Get Up and Dance



Great Tunes

close up of hands playing pianoMusic is one of the most important elements of your successful event.  It helps create a festive and enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests.  The right music touches you and makes your spirit soar in celebration.

I recommend playing mostly instrumental music during cocktails and dining. This allows all in attendance to easily socialize.  Vocal music competes with conversations and is lost in the noise.

Dancing is the fun part.  I bring over 15,000 selections with me to each event.  I'm able to accommodate all musical tastes.  It's critical that all of your guests feel they are a part of your event.  I make sure to play music for each generation.  Your guests will be happier, will dance more, will stay longer, and will make your celebration truly one to remember.

Your input is desired.  You get to specify the styles of instrumental music you want for cocktails and dining.  You select the songs for your first dance and other specialty dances.  You provide guidelines for the types of music and artists to be played throughout the dance.  I will play requests that meet your guidelines.  Relax and enjoy yourself.  The rest is up to me.

Great Gear

close up of guitarAs your invited guest I have the great pleasure of entertaining you with really good music.  An added benefit is that I get to listen to it, too.  These are two main reasons why I invest so heavily in top-of-the-line audio equipment.  Other disc jockeys spend tons on expensive magazine and phonebook advertising.  My business is based entirely on referrals.  I choose to put my money into equipment that makes our mutual experience more enjoyable.

There is more to great gear than name brands and earsplitting power.  I choose equipment that is optimally suited to your event.  I have different combinations of speakers and amplifiers that I customize to your needs.  Most disc jockeys bring the same equipment to every function.  It's too loud for small parties and too weak for larger groups.  Multi-unit disc jockey companies find it too expensive to provide all of their employees with expensive cordless microphones and customized equipment for each event. I bring the best with me each time. The price remains the same. Your function is my most important event of the day.


“How powerful is your amplifier?  ” This is an example of where “bigger” isn’t necessarily “better.”  Overwhelming power is hard to control.  One of the biggest complaints about disc jockeys is:  “The music was too loud!”  There is a really big difference between amplifiers.  Some are built for raw power (think Bronco game) and some are built for quality sound (think living room).  The true test of an amplifier is how well it produces good clean sound at all volume levels.  Too much power (think 1000 watts per channel) creates a lot of background noise (hissssss), particularly at low volume, and overpowering sound.  Either way you’ll have many very unhappy guests.  Too little power (think 100 watts per channel) makes for a wimpy party.  Again, I bring the size that best suits your event.  I care what it sounds like for everyone.

“How many speakers do you bring?”  It depends on the number of guests and the size of the room.  Most disc jockey companies bring only two mid-sized cabinets to every event.  I select the size and number to suit your occasion.  Smaller groups only need two full-range, 15” cabinets.  More people and bigger spaces need additional sound support.  I recommend using four speakers.  This allows me to cover a wider area at lower volume for cocktails and dinner.  I can then later focus all four on the dance floor for a true “club effect.”  In both cases your guests will be able to talk at their tables and have an enjoyable time.

“How many CD players do you use?”  I hear horror stories of disc jockeys only bringing one CD player with them to an event.  Sometimes they may bring two.  This leaves a lot of dead space between songs and cripples your party.  It’s important to keep things flowing during the dance.  Stopping to load a new song breaks the flow and loses the mood.  I include five different players in my main system to handle all circumstances.  CD, DVD, Video CD, MP3, and karaoke equipment allow me the flexibility to instantly respond to requests and keep the party hopping without interruption.  This is the professional way of doing things.

“Do you bring a backup set of equipment with you?”  Having a complete extra set of equipment on-site is the only true way of being prepared for equipment emergencies.   I use only high-quality, professional equipment that is very reliable.  But lightening happens.  Most disc jockey companies find it too expensive to provide each of their many employees with backup equipment.  They offer a “backup plan” or a “thirty-minute delivery.”  They’re gambling with you’re money and happiness.  That’s much too long to be without music.  I bring my backup equipment to your location. It’s instantly available.  Three of my very happy brides will attest to how important this is.

“Do you bring a separate set of equipment for the ceremony?”  I set up all the equipment necessary in each location.  This allows you to have uninterrupted music for the ceremony, cocktails, dining, and reception.  Most other disc jockey companies only bring one set of equipment.  This leaves you without music for long periods while they’re tearing down and setting up equipment between locations.  Totally unacceptable.

“Do you offer a light package?”  Basic accent lighting, upon request, is included in my price.  For most weddings I actually recommend using only minimal, if any, lighting effects. Larger effects, music videos, fog, and bubbles are available for other events.

“Do you do karaoke?”  The good news is that I don’t sing! I am, however, fully equipped to provide a complete karaoke experience.  Cordless microphones, song lists, request forms, props, and monitors are all available.  You do the singing.

“Do you have other Audio/Visual equipment?”  I am able to provide you with a full range of audio/visual support.  Basic sound systems for meetings to a LCD projector with 7’ screen for larger presentations.  Each is tailored and priced to your individual needs.

Great Times

Experience counts.  It inspires confidence.  It assures success.  I have personally provided the musical entertainment and served as master of ceremonies for over two thousand events.  I've seen it all.  I'm able to respond to every situation in a timely, confident, and dignified manner.   I bring an extensive music library and personal knowledge of what makes a party work.  Your very special day deserves a very special disc jockey.

The Right Person

Your "Great Time" fully depends on you hiring the best person for the job. Please consider me for your next special occasion.  I guarantee you'll have a really great time.

  • Weddings, etc.
    Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Services
    Employee Parties
    Family Picnics
    Team Building
    Grand Openings
    Charity Benefits
    Non-Profit Fundraisers
  • School Flings
    Sock Hops
    Elementary School Family Fun Nights
    Middle School Socials
    High School Homecomings & Proms
    Sorority & Fraternity Parties
    Auctions & Fundraisers
  • Youthful Celebrations
    Sweet 16 Parties


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