Summer Fun


Business events are a lot different than other types of parties.  They are much more than people simply coming together for a good time.  They are about rewarding good work.  They are about showing appreciation for your employees and clients.  They are about growing your business.

The Right Person

A good disc jockey and emcee is a combination of personality and professionalism.  He needs to be fun, reliable, and affordable.  He needs to be enthusiastic and exciting.  But above all else, he must be dignified and responsible.  Your business depends on it.

A Custom Fit

The person you invite to be your master of ceremonies and musical entertainment becomes your public representative.  His performance and behavior will reflect on you and your business.  His style and presentation must be a perfect fit with what you are trying to accomplish.  His contribution to the success of your event will enhance your company image.  I customize my performance to best serve your needs and personally guarantee that you and your guests will have a great time!

A Business Opportunity

Summer functions are usually family-oriented events.  They become opportunities to socialize in entirely different ways.  You get to see each other as more than co-workers.  You meet the families.  You learn that people can be different outside the office.  A professional disc jockey will add to this experience.  I will create an environment that will encourage people to socialize and have fun.  I will keep the volume at an appropriate level and the music happy and upbeat.  After all, this is a celebration of your business.

The Games Begin

I offer a whole variety of entertaining activities for children.  It’s important that kids have a creative outlet for their energy.  Group dances, games, and fun contests will involve the young ones in positive participation.  This will allow adults extra time to socialize.  Everyone will have more fun.

Experience Counts

Thank you for considering The DJ – Get Up and Dance for your next function.  Whether it’s a simple meeting, a company picnic, or a theme-based extravaganza, please keep me in mind. Quality and experience really do matter.


Please visit the Welcome, Music Matters, and Holiday Magic pages for a full description of my services, abilities, and how I can best meet your needs.


The DJ - Get Up and Dance






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